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Introducing my latest album: “Connected Earth”

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Introducing “Connected Earth”; the third full length 13 track album release by Rare Mind for Rare Mind Music, released December 2019 and distributed by Level Music Distribution all rights reserved 2019. This engaging celebration of tracks takes on a whole new level of originality as far as sound selections, creative structuring, relatability response and good old fashion good music. In the spirit of unity with oneself, unity with the earth and the universe as well as unity within each other, the name “Connected Earth” was conceptualized. The distinct beat selection and order of arrangement takes the audience into a deeper more connected experience with the music. ”Connected Earth” is available on this website’s home page now and is available for your listening pleasure. If you are enjoying this content please tell a friend. Thank you for visiting the Rare Mind Music Blog post page.

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