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Welcome to the Rare Mind Artist, brands and products reviews page. Rare Mind Music is always pushing themselves to be their best, whether it’s onstage or in the recording studio, or in our communities. Rare Mind Music is also proud to engage in bringing light to much deserving artists, brands, products, and other business that we feel create a positive impact in the lives of our community members, whether thru this platform or our own street communities. Thru this site space we will have featured weekly artist, brands, products, and businesses to showcase & highlight.

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Monthly Featured Product

This month’s featured product symbolizes the launch of this new site and in the spirit of entrepreneurship and the American Dream spirit, we highlight one of our own published products available here exclusively with limited Author autographed copies available while supplies last; the short story book "Tamales & Freedom; An American Dream" written by Ramiro Miranda, and published by the Kindle Direct Publishing Company (KDP) which perfectly tells the story of an immigrant who decided she would make her American Dream a reality. This book is also available as an e-book on the Kindle app, and on Amazon Prime. Our goal here at Rare Mind Music is to inspire our audience and empower them to take matters into their own hands and create the life a they dream of. We encourage entrepreneurs and a healthy vision of the American Dream based off of hard work and modesty.

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