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Weekly Featured Artist, Brands, Businesses & Products Reviews and Showcases. "Tamales & Freedom"

Hello everyone, and hope everyone is doing well, this Sunday November 15th 2020. We will be adding this section to the Rare Mind Music Blog page. Here we will offer a paid weekly space that we will offer to Artists, Brands, Businesses, and products that we approve, and that we feel will contribute to the music community, the general community and all those who support our mission to publish a featured piece of content showcasing the artist, brand, business or products(s). As we continue to grow and know of an Artist, brand or business who would like to advertise with us, please refer this blog post to them.

Best Regards

Rare Mind Music

Today's featured product is one of our own products and one we are truly proud of;

Short story book "Tamales & Freedom; An American Dream" written by Rare Mind, aka Ramiro Miranda, and published by (KDP) Kindle Direct Publishing, available now in our products page. This short story book offers Ramiro's point of view when it comes to the True Meaning of the American Dream in his eyes. Here we showcase the story of an immigrant who managed to live out her dream through hard work, dedication, and by having faith in herself and her love for her craft. Also available on the Amazon Kindle app, and on Amazon Prime.

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